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Receive over 100 leads per month from their website. Generated over £500k in sales pipeline value within the first 5 months.

“We now get over of 100 leads per month from our website. Would advise any business looking to grow to give the ConstructionSEO marketing program a go. It’s worked for us and sure it would work for other similar businesses. It’s pretty simple to get an idea if you’re making money back due to their tracking dashboard and reporting.”

Testimonial By Nick Flavin – SPS Roofing Ltd

Client Profile

SPS Roofing Ltd is a roofing company based in Exeter, Devon. They specialise in all aspects of roofing for commercial and industrial markets but will also carry out large scale residential projects. Here’s a quick overview of their business:

  • Founded: 2011
  • Industry: Roofing
  • Location: Exeter, Devon
  • Annual Revenue (before partnering with us): £1.8 million
  • Employees: 15+

The Challenges

Before partnering with us, one of the most significant challenges SPS Roofing faced was having no clear online marketing strategy working towards their goal of rapid expansion. Their previous website was outdated, provided no consistent flow of enquiries and did not rank highly on Google.

A website should be an asset, not a liability, so we organised a strategy session with them to diagnose the problem.

After speaking with the directors at length we quickly realised it was a very well run organisation. They had reached an impressive £1.8 million in annual revenue through just word of mouth, recommendations and repeat business alone. If they had managed to grow to this level without online marketing, imagine what they could achieve with it in place.

They explained to us that by only sticking to these offline strategies it was holding them back from really taking their business to the next level. And here’s why…

There’s around 3,000 searches per month of people looking for roofing services in Devon. They knew by not utilising online marketing strategies they were leaving a huge amount of potential revenue on the table.

Word of mouth is unreliable and unpredictable when it comes to expansion. You need reliable cash flow in order to hire more staff to take on more work and thus, increase revenue. The only way this can be achieved is through creating a system that consistently generates leads, enabling you to forecast what’s coming in next month.

How much easier do you think it would be to grow your business with this level of predictable cash flow?

Their Goals & Vision

The most important goals to achieve for SPS Roofing from joining our Core Program were to:

  • Grow from £1.8 million to £3 million in annual revenue
  • Open up a new stream of income targeting large residential projects (avoiding small jobs)
  • Boost the volume of commercial & industrial enquiries
  • Improve lead flow management

In order to reach these goals we decided to put an online marketing system in place that generated more commercial leads, but at the same time opened up a new income stream targeting residential customers. Budget allocation was key.

Here’s exactly how we achieved this for SPS Roofing…

The Solution

We have a simplistic approach when it comes to achieving the goals of our partners with online marketing – “This is where you want to go. This is why you’re not there. And here’s what we’re going to do to get there.”

You’re probably the same as SPS Roofing in the sense that you don’t care or have time to learn about the technical stuff. You just want something that helps you get to where you want to be.

So, here’s exactly what we did:

  • Website Creation – rolled out an updated, user friendly, mobile optimised, conversion based design to convert visitors into enquiries. We also integrated an online booking system to allow leads to book in a date/time for a phone call. This helped manage their sales pipeline and improve lead flow management.
  • Onsite SEO – created titles tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, keywords, service pages, location pages and wrote quality content to lay the solid foundation required to rank on the 1st pages of Google.
  • Authority Development – developed citations, blog post content, link building and Google Maps to gain ‘website authority’ to outrank their competitors. This process is ongoing and requires consistency each day so this is where most of our time with SEO is spent.
  • Reputation Management – set up our reputation management and review generation system to help them acquire more customer reviews via our mobile app. These authentic reviews are automatically posted on their website and social profiles, making SPS Roofing the obvious choice over competition (whilst boosting search engine rankings).
  • Pay Per Click – launched an effective Google Ads campaign to instantly capture new leads on autopilot. This involves constant management to make sure we always get their ads in front of the ideal customer, at the right time, in the right location, for the lowest possible cost per click.
  • Tracking, Measuring & Reports – put in place a tracking dashboard enabling them to login (desktop or App) and track their total return on investment. Ultimately, the goal here is to let SPS Roofing quickly see how much they spend vs how much they get back every month in a profit and loss statement. You can see other important data such as call tracking, appointments scheduled, projected sales pipeline value, cost per lead, Google ranking positions, etc.

You can learn more about what’s inside the Core Program here.

Now that we’ve explained the process, let’s dive into the results it produced for their company…

The Results

This screenshot shows the tracking dashboard all our industry partners have access to inside the Core Program.

In the first 5 months of SPS Roofing joining our Core Program, we achieved the followings results:

253 calls + 106 online bookings = 359 total leads

They calculated each customer on average is worth £10,400.

Their average closing rate is 15%.

We’ll now use these figures to calculate their exact return on investment.

359 (total leads) x 15 (closing rate) / 100 = 53 won leads

53 (won leads) x £10,400 (average customer value) = an extra £551,200 in additional revenue

Or in other words…

£551,200 / 5 months = an extra £110,240 in monthly revenue

Final ROI Figures:
Using the figures above, in only 5 months the Core Program generated SPS Roofing a total of £551,200 in additional revenue, which provides them with an extra £110,240 in monthly revenue.

This extra revenue has enabled them to establish and hire a ‘small works’ team to focus on residential customers, and then use this additional capital to reinvest in developing their commercial department catering towards £250,000+ projects.

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