Take your company to the next level without the stress, frustration & guess work that usually comes with it.


However, the biggest problem holding them back from scaling to the next level is a lack of consistent leads and cash flow.

You’re probably here because you’ve tried internet marketing before with little success. You’ve achieved a satisfactory level of revenue via word of mouth but found it’s unpredictable.

One month you have a fully booked calendar and need to hire more staff, the next month you’re worried about cash flow because you don’t have enough leads in the pipeline.

Without leads, sales dwindle. Without sales, revenue plummets. Without revenue, you are back to square one.

To solve this problem our Growth Program will help you TO:

Transform your online lead flow & fill your calendar

Increase sales & create predictable cash flow

Systemise Your Sales Process & Operations ready to scale



We build a system that consistently generates leads for your company, which in turn allows you to predict monthly sales & monthly cash flow, making the entire growing process easier.



Our Core Program starts with building the foundation of your internet marketing strategy, which is your company website.

This will form the basis of all the strategies we set up and implement inside the Program to generate more leads online.

If you don’t have a website that’s built to convert visitors into callers, none of your internet marketing efforts will bear fruit.

We will develop and roll out a new and improved version of your website on your own branded domain name. If you already have a website, we will take over from where you started.

Your new site will be optimised for SEO to rank higher on search engines, convert more visitors into phone calls, be mobile and tablet ready, and give you a professional edge over competition.

Once the new website is created, the next stage is ensuring your company shows up when potential customers search for your services.

The next step will explain how we do this…

Step 2 - Onsite SEO


Around 92% of people who search Google make an enquiry with a business that appears on the first page. This gives us a great opportunity to drive more qualified leads into your sales pipeline and boost revenue.

But how do we get there? It all starts with what’s on your website.

The key to an effective SEO strategy for your business is writing fresh, unique content that targets specific services and locations. This will help customers understand what you offer, and enables search engines to pin point exactly what you want to rank for.

We have found that the average local business website only has 3 to 5 pages; Home, About, Services, Portfolio and Contact Us.

This is not enough to rank higher than your competitors because most potential customers will type in many different variations of keywords to find what they are looking for.

Our team have a different strategy…

We have identified that each page on a website can be optimised using two or three keywords. There are literally hundreds of different keyword combinations in each geographical area that someone might type in if they are looking for your services.

So, we need to show up for all these keywords…

To achieve this we start by building out a page for each one of your services. You don’t just offer one service, you offer multiple types. Each one of these service pages will be optimised for the specific service keywords.

We then create location pages for each area that your company operates in, which is typically between 8-12 areas for most markets. These pages will combine geographic terms with service keywords, such as: “Service type in Town / City”.

This proven approach will provide the solid foundation needed to help rank your business website higher on search results for more service and location based keywords.

However, we’re only 30% of the way towards getting your site to the top of the search engines. In the next step I will explain the other 70% of the battle…

Step 3 - Authority Development


We have found the only way to outrank your competitors on search engines is through building brand authority and getting more in-bound links – which is when another website points over to your site.

Our team will implement a proactive strategy to build more authority and more in-bound links than your competition.

We will outrank them by:

  • Submitting your business to online directories every month.
  • Writing monthly blog posts on your website.
  • Posting on your Google Maps listing every day.
  • Competitor link acquisition (which means finding the links your top 10 competitors have and acquiring them for your website).
  • Updating your site with new pages, fresh content & keywords.

Also, we’ll aim to clean up any name, address and phone number inconsistencies anywhere your business is listed online. The last thing we want is potential customers calling an old number. It also confuses Google!

This process is ongoing and requires consistency each and every month, so this is where the bulk of our time will be spent with SEO.

By adding more in-bound links each month, and adopting the strategies above, search engines will give your website more authority than your competitors. This means that over time search engines will start to display your website instead.

For you that will lead to more calls, and help towards reaching our joint goal of generating consistent lead flow and boosting sales to grow your business.

However, even though your website will be displayed to more potential customers, and ranked higher than your competition, it doesn’t mean the majority of people will convert to make an enquiry.

The next step will show how we can solve this problem…

Step 4 - Reputation Management


Your online reputation is the key to success or failure of your internet marketing efforts. One of the cornerstones to our Core Program is putting a reputation management and review generation system in place.

Our team have found that if you are not consistently adding new, fresh reviews and monitoring your online reputation, your business will lose roughly 50% of people looking to enquire about services you offer.

That’s a lot of potential sales left on the table…

To avoid this potential huge loss of revenue, we will be implementing the following systems into your company:

1. Automated Review Generation System
This enables your key staff members to download our App, hand their device to a customer and get them to leave feedback in person. Alternatively, you can quickly send customers your review link via email or SMS.

Once your customer enters their feedback, our system automatically posts this review on your website and sends out a series of email reminders encouraging them to share their feedback on Google or other review sites.

By entering all your customers into this system we can take care of consistently collecting reviews on your behalf. Over time this will lead to gathering hundreds of authentic reviews making you the obvious choice for potential customers compared to your local competitors.

2. Online Reputation Monitoring
Our team will constantly monitor your online reputation. This consists of replying to your customers feedback, sharing positive reviews on your website and social media, dealing with negative comments, and instant alerts notifying you of any negative reviews that need urgent attention.

The key takeaway is the more fresh, positive reviews your business can generate the more customers will trust your brand, and convert into phone calls. This is exactly what these systems will do.

Now that your online reputation is in hand, we’re ready to roll out our key lead generation strategy to take your business to the next level…

Step 5 - Pay Per Click


The most powerful way to significantly increase the amount of new leads coming into your business is through the combination of SEO and PPC.

Using Google Adwords, we can position your adverts at the top of Google to display in front of potential customers when they are actively searching and requiring the services you offer, in your working locations.

When done right, this will contribute towards a cost effective way of generating targeted leads on a daily basis that are ready to buy.

To ensure that you start receiving qualified leads out the gate on a consistent basis, we will roll out an effective PPC campaign on Google Adwords to instantly capture new leads after the website is launched.

There are quite a few moving parts involved in running a profitable Google Adwords campaign, but the goal is getting your adverts in front of the ideal customer, at the right time, for the lowest possible cost per click.

Our team will manage everything for you which includes:

  • Creating, managing and optimising your campaigns.
  • Making sure that we appear for your most profitable services.
  • Adding negative keywords to avoid showing up for redundant searches that waste time and money (e.g. people looking for apprenticeships).
  • Setting maximum keyword bids to keep within your monthly budget.
  • Writing text ads that convert searches into enquiries.
  • Creating Ad groups ensuring the right ads show to the right people.
  • Mapping everything out to the most relevant landing pages.

There are various other technical processes that are equally as important but this just shows the foundation of what we do.

But how can we ensure it’s profitable?

In the next step I’ll discuss how we help you easily keep track of your total return on investment…

Step 6 - Tracking & Reporting


The main objective of the Core Internet Marketing Program is to help your company increase sales and boost revenue.

To ensure that we are delivering on that objective and to help you quantify the results of our efforts we will track, measure and monitor all new leads generated on a monthly basis.

Think of this like your profit and loss statement.

We will set you up with your own Reporting Dashboard where you can login (via desktop or App) and track your total return on investment.

Your Reporting Dashboard will include:

  • Return On Investment Tracking – profit and loss statement
  • Call Tracking – the number of phone calls generated & exactly where the call came from (SEO vs PPC).
  • Contact Form Submissions – the number of callback requests and email enquiries from your website form or appointment booking system.
  • Total projected sales pipeline value
  • Average cost per lead
  • Number of website visitors
  • Google ranking tracking
  • Reviews & online reputation results
  • And much, much more…

Call Tracking
 will be set up and broken down by SEO vs PPC. With this tracking in place we can determine where the call came from, and exactly how many inbound calls are coming into your office via the internet.

There are many other key performance indicators inside that we discuss in our ‘Dashboard walkthrough’ if you decide to partner with us.

You will also receive in-depth monthly reports via email alongside our monthly review video meetings with our success team.

Ultimately the goal here is to easily let you see how much you spend vs how much you get back every month.

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